Happy Year of the Yang Black Water Tiger! 

As we enter this lunar new year, we are mindfully looking forward to the warming of the weather and the new challenges this year is sure to bring. It is, after all, a Tiger year! 

It's been a while since we've updated our website, and it's been a while since much has changed. We're still operating under our slightly relaxed COVID-19 protocols. Face masks are required for the entire duration of your visit in our office regardless of vaccination status, and we're still cleaning thoroughly between patients. We may be tired of COVID, but it sure isn't tired of us yet. As we venture further into flu season as well, the added precautions are sure to further reduce the risk of the spread of illnesses. 

The federal government is providing 4 free at-home rapid COVID tests, which can be requested through the USPS at https://special.usps.com/testkits (link opens in new window).

Since some early data is indicating that the now-prevalent Omicron variant may less likely to show up on rapid tests, PCR testing remains the gold standard. There have been some reports of difficulty finding quick access to test sites offering PCR tests despite the city having opened a couple of mass testing sites in addition to primary care providers' offices, local healthcare company run testing sites, walk-in and urgent care clinics, and some churches and schools. We've personally heard from a few folks who have been unable to get a PCR test scheduled within the optimal testing window, 3-5 days after the onset of symptoms. However, we have been made aware of a testing site through the Sullivan University school of pharmacology. Appointments can be made through Wild Health at Sullivan (link opens in new window). They have testing appointments available into the evening and over the weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), and frequently have same-day availability. I'm told turnaround for results is fairly quick as well, often within 24-48 hours.

NPR has been reporting recently that while many Americans are fully vaccinated (having received 2 doses of either Pfizer's or Moderna's mRNA vaccine or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine), a large percentage of those who are fully vaccinated have not yet received their booster shot. If you need help signing up for your booster shot, or even for your first round of the vaccine, please let us know - we'd be happy to help you find resources to get your jab! 

Nothing else is new or exciting, and we're quite pleased by that so far! 

We hope your new year is going fantastically, and that you've been able to stay warm and dry in recent days. 

Please know that we're so grateful for all of you, and do very much look forward to your next visit with us. Online scheduling is still available, and we'd be happy to schedule you via phone, text, or email. 



In-office services are by appointment only at this time.

Monday 10 am - 4 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 8 pm

Wednesday 10 am - 8 pm

Friday 10 am - 3 pm

Saturday 4 pm - 8 pm

Additional hours may be available outside of regularly scheduled office hours - please contact us to inquire

A photograph of the exterior of the office building. It's night and the sky and windows are dark, the exterior of the building a brown color. In one window, green lights are arranged into a heart shape and frame around the window.

A holistic and integrative approach to healthcare.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." - Plato 

At Healthy Point Acupuncture, we take a holistic and integrative approach to your healthcare, treating you like the unique individual you are and working with your Western medicine practitioners to ensure you get the best care possible. 

Whether it's musculoskeletal pain, headaches, anxiety, problems sleeping, or good old fashioned stress, our number one priority is getting you back to healthy so you can continue to do the things you love. Once you've found your way back to the healthiest version of you, we'll continue to work to help you stay there. 

Acupuncture is a wonderful reactive treatment for many conditions, but where it really excels is in prevention. Even if you're a healthy person who rarely gets sick, we'd love to see you occasionally for preventive, balancing treatments to make sure you stay in tip-top shape throughout the year. Season changes? Excellent plan! Stressful holiday planning? No problem! Even if you've never left your healthy point, we'd love to help you make sure you stay there.


We've created a welcoming, relaxing environment to help your body find healing. With flexible hours and two private treatment rooms, we'd love to schedule a time to see you!  

A close-up photograph of a person's ear. There are several silver piercings, and the hair nearby is brown. The skin is pale. Five orange-handled acupuncture needles are inserted into the exterior of the ear.
A photograph of a small letter board, which reads "Healthy Point Acupuncture Courtney Lantz L.Ac.", sitting behind a small square Zen garden made of pink salt. Three large chunks of pink salt are arranged next to a light brown sand rake.
A photograph looking at the back of a person, who is face down on a treatment table. Their hair is dark brown and their skin is pale. Eight glass cups are arranged on their back, and red circles have been left behind where the cups were previously placed. The sheets on the table are white.

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